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The Galapagos giant tortoise phantasticus is not Extinct. 
Jensen, E.J, M.C. S. J. Gaughran, N. A.Fusco, N. Poulakakis, W. Tapia, C. Sevilla, J. Malaga, C. Mariani, J.P. Gibbs, and A. CACCONE.
Communications Biology (in press)
A new lineage of Galapagos giant tortoises identified from museum samples.
Jensen, E.J, M.C. Quinzin, J. M. Miller, M. A. Russello, R. C. Garrick, D. L. Edwards, S. Glaberman, Y. Chiari, N. Poulakakis, W. Tapia, J. P. Gibbs, and A. CACCONE. 
Heredity (2022): 1-10.


Demographic history and patterns of molecular evolution from whole genome sequencing in the radiation of Galapagos giant tortoises
Jensen, E.L., S. J. Gaughran, R. C. Garrick, M. A. Russello, A. CACCONE.
Molecular Ecology. 2021;00:1–15. 
Four times out of Europe: serial invasions of the winter moth, Operophtera brumata, to North America
Andersen, J.C., N. P. Havill, A. Caccone, and J. S. Elkinton.
Mol Ecology, 30 (14):3439-3452. 
A machine learning approach to integrating genetic and ecological data in the tsetse flies (Glossina pallidipes) for spatially explicit vector control planning.
Bishop, A., G. Amatulli, E. Pless, C. Hyseni, R. Bateta, W.A. Okeyo, P. O. Mireji, S. Okoth, I. Malele, G. Murilla, S. Aksoy and A. CACCONE, and N. Saarman.
Evolutionary Applications 
Galapagos Giant Tortoises
Caccone. A. Evolution and Phylogenetics. in J. P. Gibbs, L. Cayot, and W. Tapia A, editors. 
Academic Press. 2021.
Mapping landscape connectivity in Aedes aegypti: a machine learning approach to integrate genetic and environmental data
Pless, E., N. Saarman, G. Amatulli, A. CACCONE, and J.R. Powell
Proc. Natl. Acad. Science USA (PNAS March 2, 2021 118 (9) e2003201118; PMID: 33619083.


Phylogeography and population structure of the tsetse fly Glossina pallidipes in Kenya and the Serengeti ecosystem
Bateta, R., N. P. Saarman, W. A. Okeyo,  K. Dion, P. O. Mireji, S. Okoth, I. Malele, G. Murilla, S. Aksoy and A. Caccone
PLoS Negl Trop Dis 14(2): e0007855
Evolution of kdr haplotypes in worldwide populations of Aedes aegypti: Independent origins of the F1534C kdr mutation
Cosme LV, Gloria-Soria A, Caccone A, Powell JR, Martins AJ 
PLoS Negl Trop Dis 14(4): e0008219
Colonization history of Galapagos giant tortoises: Insights from mitogenomes support the progression rule
Poulakakis, N., J. M. Miller, E. L.  Jensen, L.B. Beheregaray, M.A. Russello, S. Glaberman, J. Boore, and A. Caccone.
Syst and Evol. Research, 58 (4): 1262-1275  
Northern Fennoscandia via the British Isles: evidence for a novel post-glacial recolonization route by winter moth (Operophtera brumata)
Andersen, J.C., N.P. Havill, B. P. Griffin, J. U. Jepsen, S. B. Hagen, …
Frontiers of Biogeography


The population genomics of multiple tsetse fly (Glossina fuscipes fuscipes) hybrid zones in Uganda meet expectations of the coupling hypothesis on the genetic basis of speciation
Saarman, N.P., R. Opiro, C. Hyseni, Chaz, R. Echodu, E. ….
Mol. Ecol. 28: 66-85.
Genetic markers of benzimidazole resistance among human hookworms (Necator americanus) in Kintampo North Municipality, Ghana
Orr, A.B, J, E. Quagraine,P. Suwondo, S. George, …
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 10: 351 – 356. 
Genetically informed captive breeding of hybrids with an extinct species of Galapagos giant tortoise
Quinzin, M.C, J. Sandoval-Castillo, J. M. Miller, L. B. Beheregaray, M.A. Russello, ….
Conservation Biology 
Significant genetic impacts accompany an urban rat control campaign in Salvador, Brazil
Richardson, J.L., G. Silveira, C. Mariani, A. C. Pertile, J. Childs, A. Ko, F. Costa, A Caccone
Frontier in Ecology and Evolution
Seeking compromise across competing goals in conservation translocations: The case of the “extinct” Floreana Island Galapagos giant tortoise
Hunter, E.A., J. P. Gibbs, L. J. Cayot, W. Tapia, M. C. Quinzin, …
J. of Applied Ecology
Widespread Hybridization among native and invasive species of Operophtera moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in Europe and North America
Andersen, JC, N. P. Havill, H. J. Broadley, G. H. Boettner, A. Caccone, and J. S. Elkinton
Biological Invasions 
Complex interplay of evolutionary forces shaping population genomic structure of invasive Aedes albopictus in southern Europe
Pichler V., P. Kotzakiotis, B. Caputo, P. Serini, A. Caccone Adalgisa, A. della Torre
PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Spatio-temporal distribution of Spiroplasma infections in the tsetse fly (Glossina fuscipes fuscipes) in northern Uganda
Schneider, D.L, N. Saarman, M, G. Onyango, C, Hyseni, R. Opiro, R. Echodu…
PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Restoration‐mediated secondary contact leads to introgression of alewife ecotypes separated by a colonial‐era dam
Reid, K., J.C. Garza, S.R. Gephard, A. Caccone, D.M. Post and E.P. Palkovacs
Evol. Applications
Identification of winter moth, Operophtera brumata, glacial refugia in Northern African and the Italian Peninsula: implications for outbreaks in Tunisian oak forests
Andersen, J.C, N.P. Havill, Y. Manna3, O. Ezzine, S. Dhahri, M. L. B. Jamâa, A. Caccone, J. S. Elkinton. 
Ecology and Evolution


Temporal mitogenomics of the Galapagos giant tortoise from Pinzón reveals potential biases in population genetic inference
Jensen, E.L, D.L. Edwards, R.C. Garrick, J. M. Miller, J. P. Gibbs, …
Journal of Heredity, 109: 631-640
A spatial genetics approach to inform vector control of tsetse flies (Glossina fuscipes fuscipes) in Northern Uganda
Saarman, N. P., Burak, M., N., R. Opiro, C. Hyseni, G. Amatulli, …
Ecology & Evolution 
Uncovering Genomic Regions Associated with Trypanosoma Infections in Wild Populations of the Tsetse Fly Glossina fuscipes
Gloria-Soria, A, W.A. Dunn, WA, X Yu, A. Vigneron A, K-Y Lee, BL Weiss, H. Zhao , S. Aksoy, S., and A. Caccone
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics March 1, 2018 vol. 8 no. 3 887-897
Genetic pedigree analysis of pilot breeding program for the rediscovered giant Galapagos giant tortoise from Floreana island
Miller, J.M., M. C. Quinzin, E. Scheibe, C. Ciofi, F. G. Villalva Sanchez, W. Tapia, A. Caccone
Journal of Heredity
Genome-wide assessment of diversity and divergence among extant Galapagos giant tortoise species
Miller, J.M., M.C. Quinzin, D.L. Edwards, D.A.R. Eaton, E. L. Jensen, M. A. Russello, J. P. Gibbs, W. Tapia, D. Rueda, A. Caccone
Journal of Heredity, 109, 6: 611–619
Population genomics through time provides insights into the consequences of decline and rapid demographic recovery through head-starting in a Galapagos giant tortoise
Jensen, E.L., D. L. Edwards, R. C. Garrick, J. M. Miller, J. P. Gibbs, L. J. Cayot, W. Tapia, A. Caccone and M. A. Russell
Evolutionary Applications 11: 1811-1821
Genetic differentiation of Glossina pallidipes tsetse flies in Kenya
Okeyo, W.A., R. Bateta, N. P. Saarman, K. Dion, M. Mengual, P. O. Mireji, C. Ouma, G. Murilla2, S. Aksoy, A. Caccone
AJTMH 99: 945-953
Editing nature: local roots of global governance
Koefler, N., Collins, J.P, Kuzma, Marris E., Esvelt K., Nelson M.P., …
Science 362 (6414): 527-529
Giant tortoise genomes provide insights into longevity and age-related disease
Quesada, V., S. Freitas-Rodríguez, Miller, J. G. Pérez-Silva, W. Tapia, O. Santiago-Fernández, …
Nature Ecology & Evolution 
Cryptic east-west divergence and molecular diagnostics for two species of silver flies (Diptera: Chamaemyiidae: Leucopis) from North America being evaluated for biological control of hemlock woolly adelgid
Havill, N. P., S. D. Gaimari, and A. Caccone. 2018
Biological Control. 121: 23–29


Genomic insights into the ancient spread of Lyme disease across North America
KS Walter, G Carpi, A Caccone, MA Diuk-Wasser
Nature Ecology & Evolution, 1
Tracking the return of Aedes aegypti to Brazil, the major vector of the dengue, chikungunya and Zika viruses
P Kotsakiozi, A Gloria-Soria, A Caccone, B Evans, R Schama, AJ Martins, …
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 11 (7), e0005653
Genetic diversity of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes along the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania and Kenya: implications for management
O Manangwa, G Nkwengulila, JO Ouma, F Mramba, I Malele, K Dion, …
Parasites & vectors 10 (1), 268
Postglacial recolonization shaped the genetic diversity of the winter moth (Operophtera brumata) in Europe
JC Andersen, NP Havill, A Caccone, JS Elkinton
Ecology and evolution 7 (10), 3312-3323
Genetic diversity and population structure of the tsetse fly Glossina fuscipes fuscipes (Diptera: Glossinidae) in Northern Uganda: Implications for vector control
R Opiro, NP Saarman, R Echodu, EA Opiyo, K Dion, A Halyard, AW Dunn, …
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 11 (4), e0005485
Asymmetric hybridization between non-native winter moth, Operophtera brumata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae), and native Bruce spanworm, Operophtera bruceata, in the Northeastern United States, assessed with novel microsatellites and SNPs
NP Havill, J Elkinton, JC Andersen, SB Hagen, HJ Broadley, GJ Boettner, …
Bulletin of entomological research 107 (2), 241-250
Using fine‐scale spatial genetics of Norway rats to improve control efforts and reduce leptospirosis risk in urban slum environments
JL Richardson, MK Burak, C Hernandez, JM Shirvell, C Mariani, …
Evolutionary Applications 10 (4), 323-337
Reviving A Lost Species: The Case Of The Floreana Galapagos Giant Tortoise Chelonoidis elephantopus
J Miller, MC Quinzin, N Poulakakis, JP Gibbs, LB Beheregaray, …
bioRxiv, 143131


Babesia microti from humans and ticks hold a genomic signature of strong population structure in the United States
G Carpi, KS Walter, CB Mamoun, PJ Krause, A Kitchen, TJ Lepore, …
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Global population divergence and admixture of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)
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Potential arms race in the coevolution of primates and angiosperms: brazzein sweet proteins and gorilla taste receptors
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Comparative genomics of drug resistance in Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense
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I-HEDGE: determining the optimum complementary sets of taxa for conservation using evolutionary isolation
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Vectors as epidemiological sentinels: patterns of within-tick Borrelia burgdorferi diversity
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Ecological and evolutionary influences on body size and shape in the Galápagos marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus)
Y Chiari, S Glaberman, P Tarroso, A Caccone, J Claude
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Patterns of genome-wide variation in Glossina fuscipes fuscipes tsetse flies from Uganda
A Gloria-Soria, WA Dunn, EL Telleria, BR Evans, L Okedi, R Echodu, …
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 6 (6), 1573-1584
Evidence of temporal stability in allelic and mitochondrial haplotype diversity in populations of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes (Diptera: Glossinidae) in northern Uganda
R Opiro, NP Saarman, R Echodu, EA Opiyo, K Dion, A Halyard, S Aksoy, …
Parasites & vectors 9 (1), 258
Ancient and modern colonization of North America by hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae (Hemiptera: Adelgidae), an invasive insect from East Asia
NP Havill, S Shiyake, A Lamb Galloway, RG Foottit, G Yu, A Paradis, …
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De novo genome assembly shows genome wide similarity between Trypanosoma brucei brucei and Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense
M Sistrom, B Evans, J Benoit, O Balmer, S Aksoy, A Caccone
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Was Frozen Mammoth or Giant Ground Sloth Served for Dinner at The Explorers Club?
JR Glass, M Davis, TJ Walsh, EJ Sargis, A Caccone
PloS one 11 (2), e0146825
Whole genome sequencing shows sleeping sickness relapse is due to parasite regrowth and not reinfection
JB Richardson, B Evans, PP Pyana, N Van Reet, M Sistrom, P Büscher, …
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Multiple paternity in the Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus, from urban slums in Salvador, Brazil
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Description of a new Galapagos giant tortoise species (Chelonoidis; Testudines: Testudinidae) from Cerro Fatal on Santa Cruz Island
N Poulakakis, DL Edwards, Y Chiari, RC Garrick, MA Russello, …
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Genetics of a head-start program to guide conservation of an endangered Galápagos tortoise (Chelonoidis ephippium)
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Mitochondrial DNA sequence divergence and diversity of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes in the Lake Victoria basin of Uganda: implications for control
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Hybridization masks speciation in the evolutionary history of the Galápagos marine iguana
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Genetically Distinct Glossina fuscipes fuscipes Populations in the Lake Kyoga Region of Uganda and Its Relevance for Human African Trypanosomiasis

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Dipartimento di Biologia

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Recovery of a nearly extinct Galápagos tortoise despite minimal genetic variation

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Twenty years of molecular biogeography in the West Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia: lessons learnt and future prospects

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INTECH Open Access Publisher


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Polyandry is a common event in wild populations of the tsetse fly Glossina fuscipes fuscipes and may impact population reduction measures

A Bonomi, F Bassetti, P Gabrieli, J Beadell, M Falchetto, F Scolari, …

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Permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 December 2010–31 January 2011


Molecular ecology resources 11 (3), 586-589

Temporal stability of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes populations in Uganda

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